• Commercial Demolition Services in Gainesville, FL

    Best Commercial Demolition Company in Alachua County

    It can be a hassle to undertake a commercial demolition project. We realize the requirements and permits that have to take place in order for the ball to get rolling. Property owners, business owners, and managers love working with our demolition contractors. Our team stands out from the rest.


    If your existing building needs to be fully demolished, then we can help you with that. We realize you have deadlines to meet and we will do our best to help you meet those deadlines. We have an efficient team the expertise and skills to take on just about any project. Gator Gainesville Demolition is your go commercial service demolition company.

    Our Commercial Demolition Process Works

    For every building and project we take on, we realize that each has there zoning, structure, and plans. We promise to take serious the specifications for your commercial demolition project.


    1. Call us to let us know the specifications of the job and the location
    2. Send us photos of the project and communicate with us on what needs to go and what must stay.
    3. We will contact you with an estimate and talk about the next steps.
    4. Our demolition team will arrive on the agreed upon date in the contract
    5. Gator Gainesville Demolition will start and finish your project efficiently


    Please make sure to remove any items such as furniture, office supplies, letting residents or other companies in the building know, etc. Anyone that needs to be notified should be notified. When we arrive we will be expectant that all preparation procedures have been finished. Please make sure that all necessary water, gas, and electrical lines are shut off. We will always begin the project in the most challenging areas and move to the easiest areas last.

    Commercial Demolition Types

    Concrete cutting, crushing and removal (exterior and/or interior)
    Steel beam demo
    Structural demo
    Commercial wall removal
    Flooring Demo
    Roof removal
    Commercial pool demo


    Our demolition contractors can handle just about any project type out there. If you're unsure if we can take on an interior or exterior commercial demolition project, then please call us. We will be happy to answer any questions and give any advice that is needed.


    We can handle just about any project out there when it comes to commercial demolition. If you don't know if we can demo your exterior or interior building, then make sure to give us a call and we will answer your questions.

    Your Local Commercial Demolition Contractor

    Our local demolition contractors are ready to serve you in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. Our contractors take pride in the economy of Gainesville and love to serve business owners, property owners, managers, and more. You can be certain that our contractors will show up on time ready to take on your project. If you ever have a problem, please notify us so we can straighten it out.


    Call us today to get started on your commercial demolition project!