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    Every deck or fence overtime will need to be replaced, but when is the right time to demo that fence or deck? If your having a hard time deciding, then give Gator Gainesville Demolition a call. Or maybe it's super obvious that your deck is done for. If you don't want to do it yourself, then call a professional demolition contractor. We wouldn't want you or anyone else risking injury trying to climb a fence that is ready to fall down or walk on a deck that is structurally unstable.


    Deck and fence demolition is included in our residential demolition services. Our team will have your demolition project taken down and removed in no time. Many homeowners choose us for their residential demolition needs. We find ourselves removing decks and fences more in the spring or fall. This makes sense, since people want to be enjoying the outdoors around their home in the summer. Give us a call at 352-897-2027 when the time is right for you.

    Deck Demolition in Gainesville, FL

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    Demolishing a deck compared to a building is much easier. Same thing with a fence compared to a mobile home demolition. Even though decks and fences are usually a straightforward demo, they still can be tricky at times. Make sure you have the right tools, equipment, and basic knowledge of how to deconstruct a deck or fence. If you don't do it the right way you could harm yourself or someone else. Let us take the reigns if you need us too. We will be happy to help you.

    Our Deck and Fence Removal Process Works

    1. Contact us to let us know the details of your project and how we can help. Please also notify us of when your wanting the project to be complete. Please send any photos you can so we can give you an accurate estimate.
    2. Prepare your deck or fence for demolition. If for some reason you need a permit to remove your deck or fence, please make sure to have that taken care of before demolition begins.
    3. Discuss and have a detailed plan of where to dispose of material when the job is complete. We like to have this nailed down so it makes the whole process smoother.
    4. It's demo day. We show up and scope the area out and get ready to deconstruct
    5. Start dismantling the deck or fence and salvage any material that can be used for other purposes.
    6. Anything that can't be used we will dispose of for you.
    7. Finish clearing out debris and material from the jobsite.
    8. Final clean of area before leaving
    9. Your project is finished. You can replace your deck or fence, or enjoy the new space.
    Contact us today so we can get started on your project!