• Kitchen Demolition in Gainesville, FL

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    If your kitchen is in need of a demolition this year, then Gator Gainesville Demolition can help you with your demo project at your earliest convenience. Our demolition contractors can have your project finished in no time. Most homeowners choose to try and take on a demo by themselves, but can quickly find themselves in a pickle. If that's the case for you, make sure to get a hold of a demo pro. You have to make sure you know where electrical wires and the utilities are located, as well as the right tools for doing the job right and safely. Our team will make sure to have the right tools and and expertise. One of our mains goals is to keep our contractors and customers safe with each project. We will bring our years of experience to your specific situation. We also treat you with respect when we show up at your door.


    Gator Gainesville Demolition Services can break up your tile floor, remove those old unwanted appliances, wall, and more. It's important to us that we get your kitchen ready for that upgraded kitchen you've been dreaming of. Or maybe you're a investor who is looking for just a partial demolition so you can resell a house. Whether full or partial demolition, we can do the job. Each of our contractors is highly skilled at what they do. If at any point in the demolition process you have a question, please let us know so we can both be on the same page. Give us a call today at 352-897-2027. You will see how amazing our contractors are.

    Kitchen Demolition in Gainesville, FL

    Common Kitchen Demolition Projects

    • Removing cabinets
    • Kitchen counter demo
    • Remove tiles from backsplash or floor
    • Backsplash only demolition
    • Full floor demolition
    • Removing kitchen walls
    • New kitchen demolition preparation

    How Our Process Works

    1. Contact us to give us details on your project as well as the time frame for completion
    2. Send us other important information that would be helpful, especially pictures 
    3. Wait to receive back our estimate. Once you receive it, please review and confirm with us
    4. We will confirm with you and set up a time to come demo your kitchen, full or partial, and you sit back and wait till it's complete. 


    How to prepare your kitchen for demolition?

    It's important that you turn off all utilities and disconnect all appliances in the kitchen. Visit your breaker box and turn off power switches that are connected to the kitchen. Make sure water lines and gas appliances are turned off. Remove any furniture or items that you don't want to incur any damage. Anything on the counter like knives, baking containers, blenders, dishes, etc should be removed as well. If you have some extra time, it would be a good idea to tape off the entry to the kitchen so that any dust from the demo will not spread to other rooms of the house.

    Do I have to remove the whole kitchen or can I partially remove it?

    The answer is yes, of course. Not every kitchen needs a full on demolition. We offer partial demolition services to residential and commercial clients all over the Gainesville area.


    Give Gator Gainesville Demolition a call today to get started on your project!