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    Gator Gainesville Demolition Services is your local demolition contractor in Gainesville, FL. Our team has the necessary skills, equipment, and professionalism to demolish anything from your kitchen to your fence or maybe even if your entire house, if that's what your looking for. Are you tired of looking at that old barn on your property? We can help you remove it at the earliest convenience to you. Or maybe your looking to take down a building you own? We have the licensed professionals to take care of your commercial needs, not just residential. Call us today for all your residential and commercial needs, full or partial demolitions, today. Our Gator Gainesville Demolition team is awaiting your call. Our phone number is 352-897-2027.


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    Gainesville, FL is well known as the home of the Florida Gators aka the University of Florida. We believe that it's one of the best places to live in all of Florida. The city resides on Alachua County. Not only is there a big college scene on the city, but it's a great place to raise a family as well. Let's talk about some other unique benefits of living here.


    The University of Florida hosts the Florida Museum of Natural History where there are fossils and ethnographic exhibits. This museum also houses the Butterfly Rainforest where you can find hundreds of butterflies and birds.


    Some other fun places to visit with family and friends include Depot Park, Cellon Oak Park, or going on a hike at the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail. And of course you can't miss going to a Florida Gators football game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.





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    Gator Gainesville Demolition Services is your local demolition contractor

    Since we're a local demolition contractor we have the ability to not only serve Gainesville, but other surrounding cities and towns as well. If you live in the following cities and nearby towns then your within our service areas: Alachua, Newberry, Bronson, Ocala, Palatka, Lake City, and the outskirts of Jacksonville. We're happy to serve residential and commercial clients in these areas.


    What kind of demolition project are you looking to have done this year? Garage demo? If your garage is an eyesore or just not safe any more, then we can help you get rid of it. That way you can start to build something else in it's place or enjoy a new found space. Whatever residential or commercial project you may have, there are some things to consider: price, permits, excavation, gas lines, water lines, electricity, and more. You can trust the experts at Gator Gainesville Demolition to get the job done right. We can take your unwanted buildings, fence, or deck off your hands. We have a team of highly-skilled, friendly, and knowledgeable contractors to assist you.


    Our demolition contractors are local to the area. So they know the ins and outs of Gainesville. When you call us from a certain location our team will be on top of it. You never really want to hire a demolition contractor from out of town. That can make things run less smooth when it comes to getting your project done efficiently. Our contractors are available on your notice and very flexible. This is one advantage we have over our competitors. Call us with an emergency and we can get there quicker than the rest of the demolition companies around the area.


    Although we rush to the scene of your project we will make sure to dismantle your project properly. It would be a horrible situation if we just rushed through our work. That could cause some major problems for you and us. Give us a call today at 352-897-2027 to see why we stand out from the pack!


    Common Types of House Demolition and more...

    • Residential Demolition - What makes residential demolition so great is the fact that you can create space on your property by removing an old barn, garage, shed, fence, deck, or concrete. Once that space is opened up, you can either leave it or construct something new. Get creative with it. Same thing goes your your kitchen or bathroom demolition. Whether you need a full or partial demolition, our contractors are here to help you. We can work with individual homeowners or even associations like HOA's.

    • Concrete Removal - One of the hardest materials on this earth to demolish is concrete. Since it's so durable and strong, that's what makes it hard when your trying to remove it from your property. We will have the right tools and expertise to remove your concrete and dispose of it properly.

    • Swimming Pool Demolition - If you have a swimming pool in Florida, you're in luck. If your pool is getting to old and falling apart, then we can come remove for you. Swimming pool demolitions are tough to do on your own, so make sure to have a licensed contractor, with experience, to help you.

    • Mobile Home Demolition - It's a matter of time before your mobile home breaks down. If you have a mobile home your looking to deconstruct so you can upgrade, then give us a call. Or if it's just sitting on your property, then we can remove it for you.

    • Garage Demolition - Time to part with your garage? Give us a call so we can get started as soon as possible.

    • Barn Demolition - Some barns on a property can give your property an ancient, old school look. But if your barn becomes outdated and wanted , then contact us at your earliest convenience.

    • Deck Demolition - Have a deck that is way beyond repair? Old decks can be very dangerous to walk on. To reduce your risk of injury, give us a call so that we can remove it for you.

    • Fence Demolition - Fences are a popular removal project. Most homeowners can do this type of project on their own. If that's not the case with you, then look no further and contact Gator Gainesville Demolition today.

    • Land Clearing - If you need trees, shrubs or other debris cleared from your property, then give us a call.

    • Excavation - Whether you need site preparation, trenching, etc. We can help you get set up for success!

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