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    Each house has some type of concrete that is connected to it, or inside the home. Concrete is used worldwide and may just be the most popular material in the world. Think about all the uses for concrete: homes, sidewalks, foundations, counters, and more. It has amazing advantages such as durability and strength. But sometimes concrete's biggest strength is also it's biggest weakness. Concrete can be very difficult to remove. The right tools and equipment are very important to be able to break up the concrete, remove it and dispose of it properly. Our Gator Gainesville Demolition crew has completed many concrete removal jobs in and around Gainesville. We have the necessary skills to complete your job on time and the right way the first time.



    Our demolition pros are experts in the concrete removal process. They ensure that any unwanted material is removed properly and recycled, while simultaneously using a clean cut method to get rid of old sidewalks, buildings, or patios efficiently.


    Concrete can also be tough on your hands, but it's even tougher for our team of professional contractors when they're tasked with removing an entire building from its foundation! Luckily we have years worth of experience dealing with concrete projects both large and small; whether you need us to remove some outdoor stone facing or demolish a whole house down to ground level - we've got your back!

    Concrete Removal in Gainesville, FL

    Concrete Removal Professionals

    We encounter many homeowners trying to remove concrete themselves. In the end, a lot of those homeowners either injure themselves or weren't able to get rid of all the concrete. Our contractors have the right tools and equipment so that you don't have to break your back doing it yourself. Let us take a load off your shoulders. You also want to makes sure you properly dispose of the concrete as well. We have a process for doing that so you don't have to. There are so many advantages to hiring us for your concrete removal services in Gainesville, FL.

    Our Process for Concrete Demolition

    1. You can call us and we'll be ready to talk about your project, including time frames for completion.
    2. Send us pictures of what concrete your wanting removed.
    3. Get your home ready for demolition. Please move any cars or other items off of the concrete. Please reach out to the city to make sure that we're not in danger of hitting any water, gas, or electrical lines. Gator Gainesville Demolition will connect with the right inspectors if necessary for the job.
    4. Removal plan in place. Once the concrete it removed from your property we need to have a plan of where to dispose of it. This will make sure the whole process runs smooth from start to finish.
    5. The demolition and removal day. We will be onsite to get started.
    6. Time to break up the concrete, remove it and load it up.
    7. Discard concrete
    8. Clean the jobsite of any left over debris
    9. Enjoy your new space and maybe think of another project to replace it.