• Bathroom Demolition in Gainesville, FL

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    Is this the year for that full on bathroom remodel? Are you looking to remodel the whole bathroom, or just part of it? These are questions to consider before you call us or before you just start swinging a hammer. One thing to ask yourself, is if your project will require plumbing work? If you don't know, you could give us a call or call a local plumber. Our Gator Gainesville Demolition Services team will be happy to assist you. We have contractors standing by to tackle your project. In order to get started on your dream bathroom, give us a call at 352-897-2027.


    We make sure that our demolition contractors are screened, have friendly customer service, and the expertise to take on your demo project. One of the last things we want is hear of our contractors doing a bad job or that they were rude. We really pride ourselves on being reputable in the Gainesville area. Sometimes bathroom demolitions can be frustrating, especially if you don't have the right tools and skillset. Call us to make sure your bathroom demo is done the right way.

    Bathroom Demolition in Gainesville, FL

    How The Process Works

    1. Give us a call to let us know of our time frame, scope of work and let us know of any questions you have.
    2. Send us pictures and any other information that would be important for us to know.
    3. We will send you a free estimate and not change our pricing.
    4. Once we agree on a quote, will set up a time for your project, and get all preparations made before demo day.



    Gator Gainesville Demolition asks that you would turn off all water lines connected to the bathroom, all electricity to the bathroom, and remove all items that are in the danger zone. We want to make sure we don't incur any excessive damage to your belongings or property.

    Common Bathroom Demolition Types

    Common types of residential bathroom demolition projects are listed below


    • Small or large bathroom demolitions
    • Bathroom floor removal
    • Wall removal
    • Shower demolition
    • Tub demolition
    • Old unwanted bathroom demo
    • Bathroom sink removal

    How to prepare your bathroom for demolition?

    The first thing you want to do before we arrive is turn off all water lines connected to the bathroom. After that, please disconnect all electricity associated with the bathroom, and finally you would remove any items that are in the bathroom danger zone. You may also want to take some extra pictures and communicate in advance what structures in your bathroom you want to removed and which ones you want to stay. 

    Common Reasons Homeowners do a Bathroom Demolition

    Most bathroom demolitions we do are in older homes. A lot of those bathrooms are just outdated and need a major upgrade. If this sounds like your home, then maybe you can give us a call. We will answer any questions you have pertaining to full or partial bathroom demolitions.