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    Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a luxury, in most cases. Having friends and family over to swim and barbeque is always fun. Outside of those fun times with friends and family you know that you have to maintain the pool. Are you tired of maintaining your pool? Or is your pool too old and needs to be torn out? Our Gator Gainesville Demolition team can help you with all your swimming pool demolition needs. Removing a swimming pool from your yard is no easy task. We recommend hiring a professional demolition company to demo and remove your pool. We have you covered and will make sure that we finish your project right the first time.

    Removing or Filling a Swimming Pool

    After you have your old swimming pool removed, you may think that just filling it with dirt will solve the problem. It takes much more thought and preparation than that to remove and fill a swimming pool area. You have to think about the concrete, pipes, and other materials that are left over from the demolition. It's a must that you have the right equipment for a swimming pool demolition. When you have finished removing the pool there are a couple options to consider. Sometimes you may have to have an engineer at the jobsite to supervise the process. Sometimes you may need a permit to remove the pool. After you look at all the details that go into removing and filling a swimming pool area back up, you may want to consider hiring a professional demolition contractor to help you.


    Don't hesitate to call Gator Gainesville Demolition Services. Our team has hands on experience removing a lot of swimming pools. We have the expertise and equipment to pull your project off in an efficient manner. We have the best equipment around and we take safety very seriously when at your residence. Call us today to get a free quote!

    The Swimming Pool Demolition Process

    First and foremost, make sure to call us to let us know about your demo project. We would love for you to send photos of your swimming pool and any other relevant information. This will give us a good foundation for your comprehensive estimate.


    We will need to determine whether a full or partial removal of the pool is needed. Obviously partial pool removals cost much less, since they don't take much time and energy. With a partial removal your also leaving behind materials in the ground that could cause some issues down the road. As for a full pool removal, these are more expensive since the project is much more involved.


    Another thing to consider is the backfill. There are two options to consider, the first is an engineered backfill and the other is a non-engineered backfill. What we mean by backfilling is that we fill up the existing ditch with materials that were removed from the process. An engineered backfill requires that we have an engineer present at the demo project. If the whole pool is being removed, then there would be documentation that takes place. This documentation would be stated to say that you're allowed to build where the pool once was. If a non-engineered backfill was to take, then we would not need an engineer to be present at the demo project.


    When it comes to above ground pools, the removal process is much easier and less complicated. We can just come drain the pool, slice it into sections and take it away. We will make sure to dispose of the pool materials properly.


    Please don't hesitate to call us with any questions you might have when it comes to swimming pool demolition and removal.